She can’t breathe

“I love the sound of the rain”, I said, “I love being inside and watching it rain. It makes me feel like wearing big jumpers, reading good books and watching films.”

“The rain makes me sad, it makes me remember.” She said.

“What does it make you remember?” I asked.

“It makes me remember my childhood. When the rainy season started we would run into the roads and play in the rivers. It also makes me remember my first love.”

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The Vietnamese American Identity, by Nghia Le


If you have talked to me in the last 2-3 years you may have noticed that I have been in 1) an identity development overload and 2) a continuous reflective state. I guess they go hand in hand a bit. The VIA-1 theme “Bridging Identities” and this past UNAVSA-12 staff retreat has got me thinking about my Vietnamese American identity and why it has been important for me to continue to reflect on all pieces of that identity and why I think it is important for all of us to as well.

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What does contemporary Thai cinema tell us about contemporary Thai cultural concerns and anxieties?

Looking through the archives, I came across this old essay that I wrote on contemporary Thai cinema and thought that I would share it as I get myself mentally amped to begin delving into Vietnamese and American films on the Vietnam war.

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