PyCon 2016 in 42 seconds

My first experience of the Python community, and PyCon, was pretty great.

Here are 42 seconds of the conference from my perspective.

Journal Entry: London with Thi

I spent Wednesday in Central London, roaming the streets and being a tourist with one of my closest friends, Thi. After nearly a decade of friendship, sharing stories, experiences, (lots of) emotions and chai tea lattes, she has become more like a sister. It was very special to finally have her in London and show her where I grew up.

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Je suis…everyone


Today is a Tuesday. Tuesday 22nd of March to be precise; and this morning, there was awful news of bombings in Brussels.

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Knife Point

“Hi. My son was held up at knife point on the way home from school yesterday.”


“Ye, I just wanted to log that I’ll be picking him up from now on – just to make sure he’s safe.”

“Okay, I’ll make a note of that for you.”


And that was that. I stood there for a moment, lingering a moment too long, processing the seeming normality of it all.

My colleague looked at me, shaking his head and laughing. “This is real life, Jess.”

The Rich Roll Podcast

Over the past few months I have built Rich Roll’s podcast into my morning commute.

My morning commute often equates to being very short, surrounded by people who are very tall, whilst also being confined to small spaces. At first I thought that my height and short arms would afford me greater opportunities to sneak my book out of my bag and read. The outcome of these uncomfortable attempts looked rather T-Rex in nature and necessitated a sweaty and uncomfortable book and bag balancing progress.

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