Learning to code == Learning about community

It’s June 1, 2016, and the day after returning from PyCon 2016. Now seems like a good day to officially declare to myself, and the abyss of the internet, that I am learning Python.


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PyCon 2016 in 42 seconds

My first experience of the Python community, and PyCon, was pretty great.

Here are 42 seconds of the conference from my perspective.

Journal Entry: London with Thi

I spent Wednesday in Central London, roaming the streets and being a tourist with one of my closest friends, Thi. After nearly a decade of friendship, sharing stories, experiences, (lots of) emotions and chai tea lattes, she has become more like a sister. It was very special to finally have her in London and show her where I grew up.

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Je suis…everyone


Today is a Tuesday. Tuesday 22nd of March to be precise; and this morning, there was awful news of bombings in Brussels.

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A love letter to IBS (and a few tips if you’re new to the club)


IBS. That’s irritable bowel syndrome to the uninitiated.

Stop reading here if poo makes you uncomfortable.

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Kettle Corn, the Food Metaphor for Relationship Balance


After watching the final episode of Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None”, aptly titled “Finale”, I am really appreciating the reality of my own relationship.

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