11 Things

WOMENS-MARCH-DC-2017-317.jpgPhoto by Molly Adams

1. When it comes to sex, sometimes we just need to crack on

2. Angela Davis in Conversation

3. 6 Reasons We Need to Dismantle the Model Minority Myth of Those ‘Hard-Working’ Asians

4. What Does American-ness Mean for East Asian Americans?

5. Mariame Kaba, modern abolitionist, on feminism that fights state violence

6. State of Missouri v. Celia, a Slave: 1855

7. Laura Kipnis’ Battle Against Vulnerability

8. Sacrifice

9. Why I bought my daughter heroin

10. Fighting Cuba’s Boxing Ban

11. The Wish List I Made After My Wife Almost Died

A Different Kind of Fight

11391419_10153410230033566_1938208883302940459_n.jpgEver since I threw my first punch, I’ve been hooked. Something about Muay Thai answered a question I didn’t realise I had inside of me; stepping into myself, tapping into a visceral strength I didn’t know was there and actively doing something that so many defied me and my gender to do sparked a flame.

In embarking on this physical journey, I didn’t realise that my fight would become an emotional one: abuse, development, growth, isolation, growing pains…

The more I talked to people who walked a similar path in Thailand, the more I realised that my story was not singular.

I’m honoured that one of my friends, Nicola Kaye, shared her story and her fight with me.

You can read the interview here.


Seattle Womxn’s March

Yesterday was a Saturday, January 21st 2017 to be precise, a Saturday that will go down in history.

Yesterday, as Trump entered office, people all over America and the world left their homes en masse. A diverse global community of children, adults and dogs (!) took to the streets armed with intention. According to Komo News, 175,000 people turned out for the Seattle Women’s March. It’s empowering to have been one of the bodies in that number and even more empowering that my life partner, Matt, chose to march with me, for me, for him and for his own reasons.


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When heartache becomes tooth ache

I speak multiple languages in silence.

That of the daughter,

the lover,

the friend,

the subjugated, the passive, the strong,

the inappropriate, the inspiring.

Out loud,

My mouth is a playground for ill pronounced tones and emotions that I don’t do justice;

By day, they lay on my tongue and weigh down my mouth.

By night, they come alive and grate against my teeth,

cut my tongue and seep out of my pores.

404 words: Stones in the Road

IMG_2716.jpgHe hadn’t actually touched her, so it didn’t count. He was angry. He was drunk. He didn’t understand. Maybe she didn’t understand. Maybe this was her fault. The motorbike swerved off of the road. This must have been her fault.

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