The Rich Roll Podcast

Over the past few months I have built Rich Roll’s podcast into my morning commute.

My morning commute often equates to being very short, surrounded by people who are very tall, whilst also being confined to small spaces. At first I thought that my height and short arms would afford me greater opportunities to sneak my book out of my bag and read. The outcome of these uncomfortable attempts looked rather T-Rex in nature and necessitated a sweaty and uncomfortable book and bag balancing progress.

I inherited a pair of huge headphones from boyfriend, stumbled across Rich Roll’s podcast and have since begun to utilize this time to educate myself and listen to insights from incredibly interesting and diverse people.

A recent podcast was called ‘Shame Can’t Survive The Light’. The following quote from this episode really resonated with me.

“Shame craves the darkness. To overcome it, bring your past into the light and own it.”

Over the past few months I have found myself laughing, crying, deep in thought and in meditation – varying states of emotion, learning and being, all of which have been brought about by purely sitting (or commuting) and listening. So this Monday, if you are looking for something new, check it out:

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