“Whistling At Your Mum”

In societies where we often see things two dimensionally, I want to support you in your effort to see things three dimensionally, perhaps even four dimensionally. With technology constantly being bettered by incredibly intelligent people, 3G, 4G and I’m sure soon 5G, let us not forget that it is us, people, that are behind all of these technological advancements. Surely it isn’t that hard then to have faith in the concept of people developing and growing their opinions and views, and subsequently bettering themselves and the effect that they have on the people around them? If we can program other things to develop, why can’t we do it with ourselves? Let’s take a moment and invest in ourselves and our actions.

This video also raises the question of what is a compliment? Firstly, when you walk down the street, or wherever it is you may be, and you feel the urge to compliment someone, if what you want to say would not be suitable for someone that you respect, then it isn’t a compliment and perhaps it isn’t suitable for anyone.

As far as compliments go, nowadays, paying a compliment has become somewhat of an art form. In some cases, people have become so conditioned to be wary of anyone complimenting them, that at times, a compliment can in fact be understood as some sort of insult.

The word compliment in itself may be problematic. Instead of thinking of ‘compliments’, I prefer to think of moments of honesty that you choose to share with strangers and then pass on. I think that honest words, said without motive, are extremely precious. There seems to be a drought of this spontaneity and honesty.

As it turns out, the video is staged and uses actors, regardless, it conveys an important message: that the woman you are eyeing up and catcalling are mothers, daughters and sisters.

Check out the video.

When was the last time you truly complimented a stranger?

When was the last time a stranger truly complimented you?

(Words below from Huffington Post – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/26/street-harassers-realize-women-catcalling-moms-everlast_n_6549086.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000046)

“If you’ve ever wanted to tell a street harasser to stick it where the sun don’t shine, but couldn’t find the right words — don’t worry, these mamas got you covered.

A PSA about street harassment shows what happens when men realize the women they’re catcalling are actually their mothers. Sponsored by Everlast, the PSA takes place in Lima, Peru where seven out of 10 women between the ages of 18 and 29 have faced some form of street harassment. The video features two “repeat offenders” who unknowingly catcall their moms who agreed to dress in disguise and walk past their sons.

While the video features actors, an Everlast spokesperson told The Huffington Post that the PSA was a “fake documentary” based on real events that happened in the past.

In partnership with Peruvian civil society group “Paremos El Acoso Callejero” (“Let’s Stop Street Harassment”), Everlast conducted several comprehensive interviews with men who have catcalled women in the past. Everlast said that “many of the male subjects had indeed once or twice ‘catcalled’ by mistake one of their female family members, making them feel profoundly embarrassed about the situation.”

“We did not want to cause huge family rifts, particularly between a mother and a son once the action finalized as this would be a ‘low blow’ and unfair to the son,” the Everlast spokesperson said. “We wanted to provoke, not cause harm.”

“Fake documentary” or not, the outcome is highly satisfying. After their sons yell some fairly unsavory things, the horrified moms publicly berate them. One of the women actually repeatedly hits her son over the head with her purse after he calls her “Tasty panties.” It’s everything you’ve ever wanted a catcaller to hear.

So street harassers, next time you want to catcall a woman imagine how you would feel if she was your mom. Or just realize she’s a human being and keep your mouth shut.”

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