Poem 1 – I’ll Meet You There

Writing poetry again.

Words are incredible.

Bare with me.


“In the place which knows no limits,

The ever expansive field where the lightness of being carries you inwards, upwards and outwards,

I’ll meet you there, amongst the grasses,

The wind of souls in our hair.


I’ll meet you there,

Where time is timeless,

And the cyclic nature of life is forever pedalled forward by our tireless feet.


I’ll meet you there,

Wading through the fresh waters,

Where whilst blood may run thicker than water,

Water is energy, and energy is love.


I’ll meet you there,

I’ll wait in the eternal early morning light,

For whilst we may feel disorientated by our internal turns,

The earth turns with us,

For us,

Towards the ever patient sun,

Towards the light.


I’ll meet you there,

In that roadless, signless space.

The place to which there are no directions,

But which is filled with direction.

We will travel together.”

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