Distortion and the Hypocrisy of Beauty

Distortion and the Hypocrisy of Beauty

“Human Dilations is a study in the feminine form and foray into the subject of beauty and it’s stereotypes. A woman is often boiled down info a series of visual queues that objectify and define her. Weiss’s project studies whether each form—in it’s distortion and elation—is a physical whole, or simply an object.”

At the moment, the work that I am most moved by are pieces that embrace silence, and turn that lack of noise into something louder than words.

Roger Weiss’ photos do this to a certain extent. What interests me about these photos is the photographer’s recognition of how suffocating female ideas of beauty have become, and his subsequent attempt to deconstruct preconceived notions of what the female form should look like. His distortions of the female body attempt to turn societally accepted norms of beauty upside down, or, quite literally, sideways. Whether or not they succeed may not be important, as regardless, he opens door to conversation, debate and inspiration, all of which are positive and necessary.

Weiss’ series of photos apparently comment on the hypocrisy of beauty by distorting photos, and therefore distorting the objectification of women. I would argue, however, that whilst the photos have distorted the female form, they are still a form of objectification. The women remain faceless, and in sexualised positions. Blurring out a face and focusing on a leg does not negate the fact that you are still staring into a woman’s crotch.

Having said this, I do like the fact that Weiss’ photos force viewers to rediscover certain body parts and recognise that everything holds the potential for beauty.

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